Local Attractions

Yuma, Arizona will expand your vistas! That’s because there is a lot to do in and around Yuma. The Colorado River runs through town and borders Arizona and California. Nearby are the Kofa Mountain Range and wildlife refuge, Martinez and Mittry Lakes and the Algodones Dunes. You can also visit historical museums and partake in fine dining and bustling shopping in town.

Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area

Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area is an area that seeks to conserve, enhance, and interpret the natural and cultural resources of the community.

Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park

The US Army used the The Yuma Quartermaster Depot to store and distribute supplies for military posts in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Texas. Five of the original depot buildings remain on the Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park grounds.


Yuma Crossing

Discover the astonishing Yuma Riverfront at Yuma Crossing also known as the Desert Oasis! Enjoy sunshine, hiking trails, downtown culture and Southwestern charm along Yuma, Arizona’s riverfront.

Paradise Casino

If you like to wager, visit Paradise Casino, Cocopah Casino and /or Quehan Casino and Resort

Mountain Wilderness

Eagletail Mountains Wilderness, Muggins Mountain Wilderness, New Water Mountains Wilderness and Trigo Mountain Wilderness are all designated federal wilderness areas. In addition to peaks to climb and trails to walk, the areas abound with desert wildlife, plants and trees.


Yuma City Golf

Yuma City Golf will fulfill your golfing jones!

Bird Watching

For you birders, nearly 400 species of birds make this a seasonal stop or year-round home because of the area’s diverse habitat.

Yuma Landing Bar & Grill

To partake in a libation, check out Yuma Landing Bar & Grill. There are three main sections and all of them reflect the history of Yuma, especially the aviation history.